Tamil Nadu is one of the southern states in India. Immensely steeped in history, religion, arts and culture, the state offers tourists and pilgrims a vast array of destinations and attractions to choose from. It lies along the Bay of Bengal, and was once home to great royal dynasties like the Cholas, the Cheras and the Pallavas. Each dynasty has enriched the place with its customs and traditions. It is a state that is blessed with a lot of temples with the world famous Meenakshi Temple at Madurai and the temples of Mahabalipuram are among them, and then there is the tip of mainland India - Kanyakumari and the beautiful hill station of Ooty to the beautiful promenade at Pondciherry, all of which comprise of the beauty and diversity of the state. The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is during the period of November to February. The major train stations are Coimbatore, Chennai Central and Salem. The major airport is Chennai International Airport.

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