Cancellations, Refunds and related Policies

The website of BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS requests you to read and understand the Cancellation, Refund, and other Policies applicable before availing an online service through the retail platform. Kindly note, BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS has policies to protect the beneficiary of this online services.

In case a Guest has booked online on the website without any assistance from the direct contact booking at our office, he/ she is entitled to a 24 hours FREE Cancellation policy from time of booking. Refunds into your bank accounts usually take 7 working days. This does not apply to a booking where the Check-in date is 7 days from the date of confirmation of booking of Resort / hotel / home rental etc.

A Guest is entitled to a refund of 70% if he/she cancels the confirmed booking upto 25 days before the Date of Check-In (before 12:00 PM).
A Guest is entitled to a refund of 40% if he/she cancels the confirmed booking upto 14 days before the Date of Check-In (before 12:00 PM)
If the Guest cancels within 10 days of the Date of Check-In, he/she is entitled to no refund.
If the Guest has made a partial payment, he/she is entitled to no refund.
GST at applicable rates will be charged on this cancellation fee.
If the guest checks-in and decides to leave early, any refund of the accommodation fees will be decided and settled as considered appropriate by BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS only.

In case of any change in group size, the extra bedding charges collected can be refunded if intimated to BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS minimum 5 days prior to check-in.
As with all refunds a 15% processing fee shall be levied for processing the refund.
No refund for extra bedding charges shall be processed if informed within 3 days prior check-in or after check-in.
BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS allows rescheduling only upto 15 days before the Date of Check-In ( before 12:00 PM).
BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS charges a 25% Reschedule Charge + Taxes for any bookings that may have to be rescheduled.
If the tariff on the dates to which the booking is being rescheduled to, is higher than the tariffs of the original confirmed booking, the difference is payable to BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS (along with applicable GST), along with the Reschedule charge.
Reschedule / prepone / postponed charge is applicable, every time the booking is rescheduled.
In case of bank transfer/post costs, the amount will be added to the above-mentioned fee.
Cancellations are registered on working days only ( India ).

who are being refunded by bank transfer should provide BOOKMYTRIPHOLIDAYS with the following bank details:
Account number | SWIFT | NEFT | IFSC CODE | Account owner's name and address | Name of bank and official address of the branch